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Having An Active Vision

Setting Boundaries & Mindfulness

Interpersonal Communication

Effective Goal Setting


Defining Kingdom Identity

Work/Life Integration

Critical Thinking Skills

Implementing Core Values

How Do I Know If I Need a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach?

Life coaching is a systematic partnership designed to help you develop confidence or increase your motivation to achieve a goal or change a behavior. More than an accountability partner, the coach will help you brainstorm action plans for achievement and offer strategies, tools, and insights that lead to success.

How Do I Know if Life Coaching Is Right for Me?
How do you know if life coaching is for you? Make your judgment based on the following 7 criteria. Life coaching is for you if: (1) you have a dream, vision or desire to achieve an ambitious goal; (2) you’re facing a new challenge or one that has defeated you in the past; (3) you’re committed to performing the work required to make the change; (4) you need help to develop the strategies that will get you to the desired outcome; (5) you want support and need accountability through the process; (6) you’re willing to be honest and transparent; and (7) you’re coachable. If you meet those criteria, life coaching can be a great fit for you.
Do You Only Work With Established Companies?
No. I work with individuals 1-on-1, couples, small groups, churches, organizations, and companies. I also work with audiences in a seminar or workshop setting. I also offer staff development training programs for companies of any size. If you have an event or training in mind, contact me and we’ll discuss how we can best serve you.
Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?
Yes, I do. Please contact me to discuss how we can serve your specific needs.
Do I Have to Be a Christian to Obtain Your Coaching Services?
No, you do not. Understand that our coaching and trainings are based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ, so the material is grounded in eternal truth. Anyone can benefit from the coaching provided from the standpoint of love. The aim is to help you become the very best version of you that you can be at home, in your career, in your relationships, in your self-esteem, etc. We believe such excellence reveals more of the Creator within us, blesses the communities in which we live and honors Him.

About Helen Wray

human potential strategist

Learn how to apply biblically-based tools and strategies to your life and business, fulfill your Kingdom assignment to serve and enjoy the abundant life Jesus Christ died to give! Click the button below to learn more about me.

“I now know how to be more confident and bold in pursuing my vision based on who I am in God’s Kingdom!”

My staff struggled with knowing they had good things to bring to my agency. You showed us why we struggled in certain areas and initiated the breakthrough for my staff to move forward, not just on the job, but in their personal lives, as well. As a result, my mom who worked for me at the time, was emotionally and spiritually healed from things in her past. She went on to write a book. Another staff member turned her side business into a full-time career and is planning a move out of the country to seek greater purpose and I was able to recognize the greater call on my life.

Theresa Battles Burton

CEO, Abundant Works Enrichment Services LLC

You talked about the call of God on our lives and how we must operate like children of the Most High. This helped me realize my worth and how important I am to the Kingdom of God. You allowed me to express myself via poetry and challenged me to reach for higher goals. As a result, I’ve progressed in my business, poetry and personal life. 

Arielle McKinney

Founder, Black Sheep Beauty

When just starting our women’s mentoring program, we needed sound foundational teaching on identity so the women could identify who they were and their value. You helped the women understand their identity in Christ and the importance of knowing who they are. We were able to assess and get a baseline for those entering into the program. They were given tools and exercises to make them aware of areas where their identity was lost. As a result, there has been growth and identification of who or what they may be purposed to do. They gained skills and confidence in themselves.

Shavaunta Harris

Owner, WEE Move Ministries

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